noun_544635I speak on a range of topics relating to Customer Experience research and insight.

I show that surveys can be linked with internal data to bring the customer experience under control; that customer attitudes can be linked to financial outcomes; and that insight has a key role in culture change.

Forthcoming conferences

  • TLF Client Conference, 21 March, London
  • TLF Insight Conference, 17 May, London

TLF Briefings

Our briefings calendar is available on the TLF Research website

Past talks

  • “10 Traits of World Class Companies” at Heat Conference
  • “Customer Emotions” at TLF Insight Conference
  • “Using Customer Journey Mapping to inform decision making” at UUK Conference
  • “Reality is Broken” at TLF Free Event Manchester
  • “Employee Engagement” at a joint TLF/Avensure event
  • “Customer Journey Mapping” at Improving Customer Communications Masterclass
  • “Employee Engagement” at Happy Staff, Happy Customers,  a joint TLF/Avensure event
  • “Measuring Trust” at the Insight Show
  • “The Top of The Pyramid” (on experience design) at the TLF Research Annual Conference
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, at our free 20th birthday event, Huddersfield
  • “Customer Journey Mapping” at Improving Customer Communications Masterclass, London
  • “Past, present, future   Using insight to shape complaint handling” at UUK Conference, Manchester
  • “Treasure in the Abyss – Mapping the B2B Customer Journey” at B2B Marketing Expo
  • “Trust, humanity, and the future of customer service”, at TLF Client Conference
  • “What customers want when things go wrong”, at Infoline Financial Services Complaints Management Forum
  • “Storytelling: bringing the customer to life”, at Institute of Customer Service Regional Forum
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, at Regional Chartered Institute of Housing Event (Yorkshire)
  • “Past, present, future – Learning from customers to anticipate, recover, and retain complainants”, at Complaints Management in General Insurance
  • “Made to measure – Building a Customer Experience Programme That Works”, at Customer Analytics and Insights in Financial Services
  • “Behavioural economics and the psychology of complaints”, at Informa Financial Service Complaints Management Forum
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it” (on the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in customer experience), at TLF Research Annual Conference
  • “Getting the best out of customer feedback”, at Housemark Advances in Customer Satisfaction

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